Hi, I’m looking to buy my first DD wheel but I play on both Xbox and PS, and I was wondering if what I was planning to buy would be compatible on PS and Xbox. As its quite confusing with the ‘Xbox ready’ and ‘PS ready’ stuff, with me not really knowing what that means. The wheelbase is licensed by PS and ‘Xbox ready’ and the wheel is licensed with Xbox and ‘PS ready’ and I think the pedals are compatible with both PS and Xbox, so I’m not sure overall if that could mean I could use this setup on both PS and Xbox. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  • Yup, you'd be all set with that equipment.

    Basically, with Fanatec products, Playstation compatibility comes via a chip in the wheelbase. Xbox compatibility comes via a chip in the wheel. So if you have a PS-compatible base with an Xbox-compatible wheel, the entire setup is compatible with both consoles.

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    Thanks Gregg, that’s really helpful. I hope 0everyone doesn’t mind but I just though of another question, which is how would the button mapping work when on the PS using that setup with an Xbox wheel, with all the buttons are labelled using the Xbox icons orr perhaps I should add this as a new post. Thanks.

  • I think if you look at the product manual for the wheel (available for download on Fanatec's site, sorry I don't have a link), it should show you diagrams for the button layouts for PC/XBOX/PS.

  • The buttons on the wheels are just caps, so the xbox buttons can be replaced with PS/other/no caps if required

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