new to this and a little bit excited... :-)

So as Covid-19 started i thought i need a hobby.

i have always played GT and forza on the consoles but only using the standard ps4/xbox controllers so i decided i was going to get a wheel .

well these things can spiral out of control and two weeks later i had a playseat evolution, a play seat triple monitor stand (future proofing 😁) and a thrustmaster t300 rs gt.

i've recently been playing in Assetto Corsa and whilst i had a few issues getting the pedals to work properly it was evenutally working, ish.

Game play is so much better and i really wish i'd done it properly sooner.

Anyway after 4 weeks i've got fed up with the thrustmaster and its tempermental pedals so i have sent it back, got a refund, and ordered a CSL elite PS4 bundle.

I cant wait. keep watching reviews of the CSL and everyone of them says how much better than thrustmaster/logitech the Fanatec kit is.

I can see me very quickly dropping the PS4 and buying a decent PC capable of driving 3 32" screens.

Feel free to suggest ready built gaming pc's or the specs you think i'll need to do it properly.


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