Brand New V3 Pedals Have Stripped Screw

Brand New V3 Pedals Have Stripped Screw and now I cannot take off the baseplate. 10 minutes after I opened the box and have never even used. Absolutely terrible quality and can't believe there is issue on the first day. Other screws came out just fine. One of the screws appeared to already be stripped and/or cross threaded.


  • I will probably just end up returning and going with something else. No one seems to want to help. Tried a good quality stripped screw remover to try and help and it won't budge. Not worth messing with anymore since the screw was most likely sent cross threaded and defective. I know this this a known issue and wish Fanatec would address this. I will not deal with any long repair process so hopefully the issues can be fixed quickly or I am considering returning my entire order. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Sean MeloySean Meloy Member
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    You can tell the screw was tightened from factory way too much.

  • Less than 24 hours after delivery and they are already being sent back for RMA replacement. No replacement will be sent back to me until the factory can confirm issues. So now I spent $1600 on brand new gear and will have to wait for 2-3 weeks without ever getting to use it. The nightmare stories you read about Fanatec are absolutely true.

  • welcome to my world, i have two DD2 so I have one for trouble shooting and use when one is off to RMA. now my shifter is acting up, second one is on the way.

  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
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    You’re returning the pedals because you stripped screws the manual tells you NOT to remove?

    Section 4.2 of the manual:

    NOTE: Red screws of the ClubSport Pedals V3 must not be loosened.

    Dis you email support??

    It can take a week or so for Fanatec to respond via email, but if you ask, they will normally send new screws out. You may have to drill out the stripped screw to get it out.

  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
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    Yea dude, Fanatec support stinks but thats on you. Your going to get the exact same pedals back and you should. This is the kind of crap that keeps them from helping people with real problems, problems they didnt create. I hope they tell you to pay shipping to get them back, I cant stand people that do this kind of crap.

    Probably used some cheap hex wrench too, instead of a quality socket on the end of a ratchet.

  • I know exactly what I am doing and used a ball tip allen wrench in the correct metric size. Screw was already partially stripped because it had been torqued in so much from factory. Even an easy-out tool could not remove the screw, that is why it had to be RMA’d.

    I also don’t want to hear the whole you cannot remove those screws, a lot of cockpits mount only from pedals down and they need access under the tray. Barry’s video from Sim Racing garage mounts his pedals this way.

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