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Can somebody tell me how to make the control panel window smaller so I can access the buttons at the bottom of the window, I can not reach the buttons to set the lower limit on the pedal calibration, even after I make the bottom menu bar hidden. My laptop has a 15.5 inch (diagnal) display and I am using windows 8. I know this is old, if I update windows will it help? I saw another post about this that said set the display scale to 100% or less, I am already at 100 and can not go any lower and I tried every resolution and scaling options (for texts and other things like that, nothing helps). I think other user have had this issue also, I saw some angry comments.

Can you tell me what hardware and operating system Fanatec recommends to solve this? I'm not sure if a bigger display will help, if I have buy new hardware I will (I perfer a laptop), I just want to make sure I get what I need the first time out.

Please help me!


  • Thats a known issue of the "new" Driver UI sonce Driver 408.

    You need at least a 1080p monitor resolution to get the full UI displayed.

    Its planned for sometime in the future (not the next driver) to make the window resizeable or so that it scales for low resolutions.

  • Thanks for the info now I know what to get.

  • this is shit.... i had to open display setting rotate my screen to portrait. learn how to use the mouse in this view and click the min and max for my throttle. then put it back to landscape... literally cant see or shrink the window to see the stuff at the bottom.. but my make shift solution worked and i got the min and max throttle setting adjusted... just a weird thing to not be able to do... still in march 2023

  • It is now November 2023 and many updates later and the problem is still there, it is very frustrating. Will there be a solution to rectify this problem soon.


  • edited November 2023

    It turned out it is not possible with the current UI, no.

    There is a completely new UI in development to be released in 2024 or 2025 which will enable the possibility to resize the window properly.

  • Thanks for the headsup and look foward to the fix.

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