CSL Elite Base suddenly disconnects and reconnects

Between intervals of 10-15 mins the wheel suddenly disconnects, after 4 seconds it freezes the screen and it works again, though the 7-segment display on the wheel and the rev stripe gets frozen. I've already updated all drivers and don't know what to do.


  • Gone through the same with my CSW2.5 recently, was pulling my hair out.

    Double check usb lead is undamaged and fully inserted into both base and console/pc. Try another USB port on pc/console. Remove wheel and reconnect to base.

    First time mine started, was usb had slightly worked it's way out of XB, solved for a couple of weeks, started again and pulled wheel off, dusted off connections and reconnected and again its been solved for last month or so.

    Seen others needed replacement usb lead as another avenue to try


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