CSL DD with headset use. Where to connect?

Because of a intermittent loss of sound problem with my Xbox Series X, I might have to use a headset. But since I've never used one before I don't know how to connect it. The headset I have connects to the controller with a plug in pin connector. But there's no place on the wheel base for such a connection. So do I connect it on the wheelbase somewhere or on the Xbox console. Or is there a headset with a different connector that I have to use.

I don't see having to connect to the Xbox since it's far away.


  • When I raced on xbox, I used to do Discord on my phone and just used a headset for that. But I'm guessing that you want to have game sounds through your headset as well?

    I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I've read that the Xbox's USB ports do not support audio. In which case it sounds like your only option is to run a second controller and plug the headset into that while you're racing. Before i switched to gaming on a PC, I did this a few times with my CSL DD and Xbox One and it worked well enough, but the controller would keep shutting off every 10 or 15 minutes (cutting off audio along with it) because it thought I was AFK. So I had to either make sure I tapped a button on it every few minutes (not ideal) or just plug it directly into the Xbox via USB to keep it powered.

  • There's also the option of something like this, and going completely wireless. There are cheaper options, for sure, but a friend of mine uses these and loves them.

  • I've got the A50s as above, they need to be updated via a PC to accept audio through the USB and not the optical, however super simple and once done work a dream. Excellent set of cans, highly recommended but not cheap.

    My boy also races, he has a set of official Microsoft wireless cans, no base, connect to XB like a controller and he loves them, tbh I'd even consider them when the Astro die. Price is far more acceptable.


  • I've purchased a 10ft USB cable to connect from the Xbox to the controller to the headset. The past two times I've played though I've had sound so I haven't needed it yet.

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