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Ok so the f1 podium is my first direct drive wheel and I’m needing some help getting it dialed in the way I feel like I want it. Ok, so I’d like the wheel to not feel as “heavy” to turn but I would love more feedback from the road etc. is this possible? Like I want to feel the bumps and the ripples in the curbing as much as possible, but still want the wheel to be somewhat easy to turn. Currently I have the force feedback strength to 38. Turning this down will make it not feel as heavy, correct? Then what do I need to change to get more vibration and feeling from the road and curbing? Thanks


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    Natural damper is the value you have to lower to have a less heavy and blocked wheel, and feel all the FFB details.

    FF = Percentage of torque. 38% of 20Nm, that's 7.6 Nm, less than a CSL DD. You can raise it to 45-50% then lower the game's FFB accordingly if it's too loud. You should get the same result but have less clipping.

  • Depends a lot on the game as well. Try a couple of different titles with low in-game gain (to avoid clipping), high FFB strength in the wheel, and as low NDP/INT as possible, and see what you like best.

  • Captain Obvious here, but also remember that there are individual game forums here with recommended settings for most popular games, which are generally at least a pretty good place to start.

  • Yeah i used the ones i found for GT7 and they were not good for me, which is why i'm trying to learn what does what so i know what to change to get the feel i want.

  • ok so the natural damper will change how stiff or heavy the wheel is, and the force feedback is what i'm feeling through the wheel? like all the road details? thanks again. sorry, i'm new and a total idiot with this stuff so i appreciate the help

  • NDP, NFR and NIN add a weight effect on the steering wheel. And of course they overlap with FFB that comes from the game. If you want pure FFB from the game, all OFF.

    By default NPR is 50, lower it a little at a time because it introduces wobbles on the steering wheel that could be dangerous. On CSL DD I use all OFF.

  • INT and FEI are the filters. Both smooth the signal, but act differently. If you want all the FFB that comes from the game, use FEI = 100. FEI lowers the FFB effects that come from the game without lowering the strength. If you lower the FEI you will feel the same forces, but more muffled.

    INT instead calculates and adds intermediate values, smoothing the signal. By default it is 11, you can start at 5, drive a little and lower to 4, and so on, until you feel that FFB gets "dirty", then you go back to 1. I use it at 2, for almost all games.

  • FOR, SPR and DPR only forces. These values ​​directly modify the forces coming from the game, from 0 to 120%. These 3 forces are mixed by the game to get all the effects. Most games only use FOR to compose all FFB effects. Usually you leave everything at 100.

  • thanks so much

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