Fanatec csl loadcell pedals

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Nothing wrong with the pedals. I just could do with some help please ..

Hello... what's your loadcell set at ?

I know that's a loaded question because all loadcells are different. I have the fanatec csl which is currently Set at 35% which i believe is about 21kg of pressure. 

The trouble is I can't get used to the higher settings, but I'm thinking I'm losing lap time by not trying it for a longer period of time. 

Any advice/opinions really appreciated.

FYI.. I'm fully set up on an omega rig.

Thank you



  • I recommend you this mod.


    And you need to brake with your leg, push with your leg, not tilt your foot. Otherwise, in addition to making little strength, you will never be able to acquire the right muscle memory to dose the brake in every curve.

  • My biggest issue with the CSL load cell, which I had been using since February, is that there is almost no travel in the pedal. I don't have an issue with it being stiff, I llike that in a brake pedal, but having almost zero travel in the pedal made modulating quite difficult. Well it did for me at least.

    Yesterday I received my CSL Elite V2 pedals, and after just a brief session with them running the standard spring / elastomer setup, it already felt significantly better. Being able to set a reasonable amount of travel, made threshold braking and modulation so much easier.

    I think there are after-market modifications available for the CSL pedals, but I never got around to trying any.

  • Run mine on a modified Playseat Challenge at 85% BRF. As for the lack of travel I bought some of the elastomers from 3drap and am currently using one progressive with 2 Fanatec originals. Bit more travel and much easier to trail brake.

  • In all cases force must be used with a loadcell pedal. The spring or elastomer are simply force transmitters. They also accumulate energy, and this generates compression and release, hence travel. But basically, they transmit the exact same force from the pedal to the loadcell. It is not a lever that helps you build more strength. You have to use the exact same force with mod and without.

    Pedal travel is just a matter of feeling.

    Personally I prefer it with little travel because I like to drive with the H gearbox and this help me, when shift down. So for me it's perfect, less running would be even better. But I don't understand why Fanatec didn't include a couple of spare springs and elastomers with CSL Pedals, to please all its potential customers.

    You can try skateboard bushings. They range from 60A, soft to 100A, hard.

    Or Chinese springs, the yellow ones are the softest.

  • I tried the spring inside my cheap Chinese usb handbrake.

    These springs are on sale on Chinese websites for around € 3. The yellow spring is the weakest.

    The spring in question is about 45 mm long, external diameter 16 mm, internal 9 mm. If I had to buy one I would take it with a diameter of 20 mm.

    The spring in question replaces 3 elastomers, and once mounted, the pedal is fully compressed with one hand.

    once fully compressed, the loadcell is saturated between 40 and 50%.

    Which means that by setting the pedal to 40%, 50% if you play with shoes, you will have more or less a potentiometer pedal. With this value I locked the brakes in practically every corner. Impossible to use for me, even though I've been using a similar brake for years playing GTR2, and the various Gran Turismo on PS.

    However, when you get to the bottom of the stroke, the loadcell continues to receive signal, so by raising the brake pedal setup, you can have braking in 2 steps. I got good performance, setting the LC to 85%, after the first disastrous laps, I started to get used to it. The pedal stroke is still very long, and I don't like it, but it's still usable.

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