CSL Elite Throttle pedal dead zone

My CSL Elite pedals are showing a weird dead zone behavior with the throttle pedal only. This dead zone is only noticeable at the end of the pedal. When I'm actually hitting something like 70% of the throttle, it's already at 100% on the PC driver page, and the same happens in-game, obviously.

I reported this to Fanatec support and the agent said it's a standard behavior, but I'm just not taking it, especially if you consider that the brake pedal does not show the same behavior. Anyone who actually drives will know how annoying this can be, as you're getting full throttle much earlier, it makes you lose traction and spin.

I have a video showing the issue here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TA3kzf2N-TY-vbfLQ8DwWAxj4R5M6ez1/view?usp=sharing

Has anyone experienced this sort of issue and could share your thoughts?



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