Will products ever be re-stocked

Any update on if Fanatec ever plan on selling the GT DD Pro bundles again? Been checking for months to try and order yet nothing. Or is this a new business model where you frustrate the customer to the point where they just leave and buy from a competitor.

Not after an exact date, but even something remotely informative will do


  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
    edited September 2022

    Hardware was released at a cost point that was to cheap to begin with much less with todays inflation. My guess those bundles are long gone, hence no stock, I mean there is no way this is still covid related but rather an excuse when you see other compnaies not only with stock but releasing new products.

  • è uscito il bundle moza r5

    in preordine disponibile il : 15/11/2022

    639 euro piu la spedizione in italia.

    bonifico bancario a banca francese

    non è male come altra soluzione..

    sono un'po indeciso

    l'inflazione non sembra essere un problema per moza

  • Moza seems good indeed. I'm going to look elsewhere, especially since Fanatec just don't seem to care about their customers and main products.

    Absolutely incomprehendible that there isn't any statement from their side. Maybe the shifter and/or handbrake, but then that's it.

  • No sign of the DD Pro bundle. What's the point in releasing a product and not bothering to stock it?

    At least make the GT steering wheel available separately.

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