Looking for a real fanatec formula wheel

Hello racers,

Since i bought my first fanatec direct drive wheel base, i felt in love with fanatec products, and i completed a full set of fanatec products.

I really like the quality of the products (apart of the handbrake, needs some rework), drivers and regular firmware updates really makes the difference in my opinion compared to similar products (within the same price range of course).

This said, i think that what lacks the most right now on fanatec catalogue is a proper formula 1 steering wheel.

"But hey Guillaume", you gonna reply, "we already have Formula V2.5, what do you mean by proper formula 1 steering wheel ?"

Which i'd answer that I'm (not only i, as i saw in different forums) looking for a formula 1 replica, like Thrustmaster created, not so long ago. A proper wheel, with a screen, a design that feels real, a ton of buttons for tuning your car while racing and shinny paddles (like Podium advanced paddle module, the feeling of those is incredible).

I know that some brands already have compatible steering wheels with podium DD matching this description (ex: Esportsim, i own one, and the setup to make it work is miles away from fanatec simplicity).

About you guys ? What do you think of this idea ?

If you agree, let's poke fanatec support team, and make this dream comes true ! :)

Best regards,



  • I agree that with the increased popularity of F1 it is strange that Fanatec decided to concentrate on developing wheels that have less mass market appeal - like Bentley and WRC. But as these wheels, which have been teased for years, seem to be indefinitely delayed, not to mention the delays with the new QR I imagine if Fanatec were to focus on an F1 style wheel now, by the time it was actually available to buy we will all be old men!

  • One thing about the LCD screen. It looks great but as one YouTube tester remarked about a competitor's wheel with the screen, it wasn't necessary and was actually a bit of a distraction because of the brightness of the screen that couldn't be turned off. If you're using VR it's also useless.

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