Are the Drive Hub and CSL Elite V2 Pedals compatible?

Nathan HoosNathan Hoos Member
edited October 2022 in Third-Party Hardware

I have both of these along with a Thrustmaster TMX and TH8A shifter I have gotten the shifter and wheel to work with the drive hub I'm just curious if anybody else has had any luck using the new CSL Elite V2 pedals with a drive hub adapter. I use Xbox if that can help anybody answer better. I have also tried using the pedals directly to the USB port on my xbox and nothing worked then either. Does anybody have a solution?


  • Were you ever able to figure anything out with this setup? My brother has the same setup except he has the Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel. We tried to us it on a PS4/PS5 and on an X Box One/X Box Series S and had no luck with any configuration. We made sure all the firmware was up to date on the Drive Hub and on the CSL Elite V2 pedals. We also tried plugging the pedals in as you did. In addition, we made sure to follow the order of turning things on accordingly. We are thinking the pedals are just too new and will not work until there is an update to the Drive Hub. His original plan was to get a Fanatec CSL Elite Base, but they are out of stock. Probably going to go that route eventually

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