PWTS production - UPDATE 25

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We are now waiting for final approval from MS and already prepare production. As we will ship the first units by air shipment we are confident to deliver all open orders which have been ordered until June 2009  at the end of September. The rest of the open orders will be shipped in October and if you place an order now you can expect to get your product in November.

The schedule is still not 100% confirmed as there are many uncertainties. I will keep you up to date once we get the final approval and start manufacturing.



All airfreight shipments (pre-june) have been shipped on last Wednesday (28.10.) and should arrive very soon at your house.



Post-June orders:


Ship Edith Marsk ETA 25.11.2009


Ship Mathilde Maersk ETA 13.11.2009

ETA: Is arrival date of the ship in the harbour. Then it needs to be unloaded and the goods go to customs clearance etc. It can still take 2 weeks from ETA until the wheel arrives at your door.

There are more containers on the way but these are the first to arrive. By middle of December we should have all inventory for the open orders in our warehouse.

We are currently lacking some raw materials but we plan to finish the production of the 10.000 units within the next 8 weeks.


Here is a little bit more detail what is on the way.


The first containers will arrive on 25th of Nov. and we
will ship all open PWTS orders a week later to our customers.

The Pure and Clubsport editions ordered until September
will also be delivered with this shipment. Please don't ask for a precise cut-off date because we cannot tell you.

All other open ordes will be delivered in the second
shipment which arrives on the 2nd of December.



The first shipment will arrive on the 13th of Nov. and will ship one week later to customers.

The first shipment will contain all PWTS (all versions) ordered until late September. 

The rest will arrive in the second shipment which will land on the 20th of Nov and will be shipped out to customers one week later. 

Shipment from our warehouse in CA to your door depends on where you live.


It will even be enough to have some stock but I am sure it will not last very long.


The only part which is delayed are the standard pedals which are bought separatly. I will update you later on those.



The fist container  arrived in the USA but the shipment got stuck in customs. They thought that the prducts might be pirated so now we have to proof that we have the authorisation to use the Xbox and Porsche logos.

The container in the EU will arrive in time next Wednesday.


The standard pedals for PWTS which have been ordered separatly have not been shipped with the sea shipments unfortunatly. We will send them out from China by the end of next week by airfreight so you should have them with some delay. 

The Pure versions do come with pedal adapters now so please use G25 or MS pedals in the meantime if possible.


We received the authorisation letter from MS today and hope that customs will release the US shipment very soon.


With the second shipments we can still fullfil all open orders. 


First containers have arrived. We expect to get the goods by end of next week in our warehouse.

The second ship (Estelle Marsk) will arrive on Dec 2nd.


The first containers should be shipped to customers early week 49.

The second shipment (Maersk Antares) has arrived as well and we wait for customs clearance.



The second shipments have arrived in EU and USA and by the end of this week (week 50) we will send out all open orders. 

Only a few PWTS Pure customers did receive a defective adapter or we did not ship the adapter cable. If you are affected please contact our e-support and we will send you a new adapter. (Please make sure you conenct it to the right plug and only connect it when the wheel is power off) 

The delivery of PWTS in USA was just enough to fullfill the orders so the next delivery will be in January.

In EU we have PWTS in stock.

We also have PWTS Pure and the Clubsport pedals in stock now for immediate shipment in EU and USA.

The PWTS Clubsport Edition is about to be sold out within a few days as we are reaching the maximum number of its limited edition and we will stop offering this model very soon.

Thank you very much!



The standard pedals which have been ordered separatly are on the way by airfreight to USA and EU and will be shipped out in week 51.



Several PWTS Clubsport editions have been shipped without the RF dongle and the shifter set. 

We are aware of that and we will ship all missing items. We just decided that instead of waiting until those parts arrive, we better send out the wheels and pedals first. The RF dongles will be shipped next week but I am still waiting for info on the shifters.



As all pre-orders have been shipped, i decided to change the publishing options of this post so it does not stick on the front page anymore.





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