My CSL Elite Pedals stop working once I use my wheel buttons.

Dear all,

My pedals don't register any input in either software or games (F1 22, ACC, Assetto corsa). To fix this I unplug and replug the RJ12 cable in the pedal "box". This works until I start driving, use any button on my wheel and it stops giving any input, even on the fanatec software. I have tried putting my CSL DD (8nm) in COMP mode and PC mode, nothing works. I swapped the cable out as well, this did nothing. I've reinstalled drivers, once again, nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • No input from the steering wheel and pedals when the error is reproduced after unplugging?

    I would try replacing the steering wheel with another to see if the input from the steering wheel arrives at the base if not unplug the pedals and repeat. If the signal comes then replace pedals if possible!

    Otherwise check with the support

  • Have you updated the firmware?

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