Do Clubsport V3 Inverted mount do GT Omega Apex wheel stand?

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Can anyone confirm?



  • I cannot find the PDF of the GTOmega Apex's pedal plate dimensions. If its any help, I can confirm that the CSL Elite V1 fits with little issue. The front two holes align perfectly with the Apex's pedal deck. For me, I had to be a little creative when mounting the back of the CSL Elite pedals. My clutch pedal isn't in line with the front holes, so I had to use one of the alternate channels on the Apex's pedal deck.

    From looking at Fanatec's PDF of the Inverted CSPs, the front and rear holes are in line. If that dimension matches the CSL Elite V1's dimensions, then you are good.

    Hopefully that offers some help.

  • I finally had some time to check the measurements. You should be good.

    The CSL-ELITE V1 front holes are 275mm apart. And the CSP Inverted holes are 274.8mm apart.

    Close enough. Just use some large washers and you shouldnt have any problems.

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    Perfect! Now I'm all good to go.

    Thank you so much!

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    You're welcome. I tried to post the PDF's of the drilling templates for the CSL-Elite V1 pedals, the CSL-Elite V2 Pedals, the Clubsport V3 pedals, the Clubsport Inverted Pedals and the CSL Pedals, just to illustrate that the drilling templates are all relatively the same. I even measured the outermost channels on my GTOmega Apex (275mm on center, with a width of 10mm each), but spam posting, and external links got my third reply removed.

    You are indeed good to go.

    (Edit. Remeasured the stand)

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