Change mapped axis

I’ve recently bought the CSL pedals to go with my (non-Fanatec) wheel but no I’ve hit a catch- the wheel sends its output as X axis and so does the Fanatec throttle pedal.

Is there any way to change the axis the Fanatec pedals output as? e.g. Y and Z instead of X and Y.


  • (Obviously I mean accelerator pedal there not throttle- not sure what I was thinking!)

  • I don't understand, tell us what problems you are having.

    The PC identifies the USB device, and then the axes. There should be no conflicts.

    So you will have the steering wheel, which the PC identifies as Joy1, X axis, the pedals, Joy2 X, Y and Z axes and a handbrake, Joy3 X axis. So you will have 3 X axes, but they will be identified as Joy1-X, Joy2 -X and Joy3-X.

  • Yes, you’re quite correct- they’re separate joysticks and simply giving it a try worked (rather than assuming it wouldn’t). In my defence, the software I’m configuring my controls in (Technoparrot) does not identify these as different input devices (see photo).

    Thanks a million for clearing the confusion up :)

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