Elite v2 pedals not working with PS5

edited October 2022 in Pedals

Just received my pedals and could not get them to work with the dd pro base and ps5 using the rj12 cable. Suddenly it worked and then stopped again. Pedals work fine connected to pc using usb but I bought them mainly for GT7. Anyone else have this issue or a fix? I don’t know if it’s the cable or the input in my pedals or back of my base.


  • I am using the CSL Elite pedals V2 with the DD pro on ps5 /GT7 not had any issues,

    Have you checked that the firmware is up to date on everything?

  • It turns out the rj12 cable included with the pedals was faulty. I purchased a replacement from Amazon and now everything works great.

  • 2 question:

    I’m trying to install csl v2 in 2 pedals configuration…can someone post here a pic under the set? I’d like to know if I put correctly the 2 long bolts…

    i have not yet tried it on game, because I’m installing pedals now.

    but I can already tell that thus pedal brake is hyper stiff also with minimum 65kg configuration.

    There is only a minimal movement under pressure…is it ok? I’m from a sponge fanatec brake and I know load cell is another way to brake. But honestly I’m thinking how can I will brake with confidence, modulating the pressure…?

    Thank you at all

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