Not sure if it’s gt7 or my podium f1 wheel or dd1

So having some issues here. Gran turismo added the podium wheel to the settings but it’s still limited. Not sure what the problem is though with my setup. The rotary knobs randomly work even though there is no settings for them in gt7. The one on the right does brake bias. The one on the left sometimes does fuel mix. Only sometimes. It’s only randomly worked for my fuel mix like twice and most of the time it doesn’t do anything. Not sure if it’s hardware or software related. When my wheel is connected to the computer, all the buttons and dials register. So it makes me believe it’s software related??? But not sure. Anyone else having this issue with their f1 podium wheel and gt7?


  • Don't have the same wheel or game but it could be that only certain cars in GT7 have adjustable fueling and brake bias hence they only work sometimes?

  • Yeah I mean usually it will give you that during certain races. You have to use specific cars in those races. Sometimes those knobs work during those races, and sometimes they don’t. Same car. Same race.

  • Looks like it may be related to the issue this guy is having (, but from what you say it seems like the knobs work on PC, I guess it would make sense to talk to the Support,

  • AFAIK in GT7 - Brake bias can only be changed when you are running with tuning allowed. Does it change your menu to fuel when you roll the knob? I know GT7 has some "issues" when it comes to the MDF menu, and is not as good as it was in GTSport, so my guess would be that it is GT7 issue and not your podium base or wheel. I had DD Pro, and swapped the wheel to McLaren GT3, and suddenly the small joysticks where the ones controlling the MDF, and not the big joystick.

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