CSL pedals warranty delays

After 30 days, fanatec not even send the code bar to i send the pedals. Send a label that is useless. The gas pedal dont work. They send lote of useless emails and ask appologies because have much work. But thats it, nothing happens. Unbelievable!!!!!!


  • Today another useless e-mail with the same f***** message. Why did I buy this crap!

    This guys are trying to delay all the warranties because dont have the people to do it and to spend less with the poor quality of the products! Warranties is spending money so do it veryyyyyy slowly...

    Dont buy Fanatec, its a real nightmare! They that dont care about costumers!

    Why did I switch from a Thrusmaster to the CLS DD? I'm not faster with this CLS DD, not worth the money spended.

  • Psql .Psql . Member
    edited October 2022

    Yes indeed, customer support is not very efficient.

    I have a very simple problem, but already had to send 3 emails about the topic while on the first one they could already take action and close the topic. All the time they already spend is more expensive than the parts that need to be replaced under warranty. Every mail also takes a day again for them to respond.

    It could be so more efficient making response time also much quicker.

    Had an issue with another company, was not even a warranty thing because I broke something myself. They just send a new part including a couple more as an extra for free without me even asking it for free. They were done in 1 minute and had one happy customer. It only took me one email to get things rolling. With Fanatec already send 3 mails and have to wait again after the weekend to see with what they come up this time...

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