FH5 New CSL GT DD Pro with Load Cell not registering

Anyone having issues still? I am on the latest drivers 447 and it shows that there is a wheel but nothing is mapping and when I try to map none of the inputs are registering. My kids want to play FH5 please help :’(


  • Update. Connecting pedals to the pc directly (load cell connection) and not to wheel base made those get recognized. When in Xbox mode all buttons get recognized but the steering axis is not being recognized in any mode I tried.

  • Okay…. After doing the above, my wheel base was connected to a VR ready USB port. No problem with other games but I thought to connect to a USB3.0 instead. That coupled with putting the wheel into comparability mode did the trick for me. Hope this helps.

  • hola buenas, yo tengo un problema parecido, cuando intento encender el forza horizon 5, el juego no me detecta el voalnte. sabeis que podria hacer? tengo instalado el firmware de 447 y he probado instalando el 440 pero tampoco funciona.

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