Steering doesn’t match telemetry DD1

When I’m racing the Mercedes’ AMG GT GT4 and Porsche Cayman GT4 the telemetry shows I am only steering about 50-60% off what I really am inputting into the DD1. So I’m inputting 180 and getting just over 90 degrees. However when I’m using the F3 car it matches fine. I am using the Fanalab settings from Maurice for each car.


  • edited November 2022

    I am having this exact problem as well. Also with the Honda Civic.

    It does this in the setup area as well. When I try calibration, some times it doesn't see the wheel, although I can turn it, none of the values change. But it shows it as configured in the sense that I can drive in the game. But I can't turn the wheel enough to make hairpins.

  • SOLVED. For me anyway, In the Fanatec Control Panel, set SEN to AUTO.

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