Csl elite on the driver 447 does not work

It is sad that my base csl elite which is two years after uploading the drivers breaks down

Evidently connected to the xbox with a USB cable slows down the system. The game F1 22 slows down and wanting to drive the wheel does not react.

It reacts for a moment then freezes. For a month now there have been problems with the base disconnecting during the race. Sometimes it was written by error could although the base was not warm because it had just been turned on. And now after a week of not using it at all freezes and slows down the xbox, I will add that under the pad works everything ok.

I have already reported it to the fanatec support but without a response.


  • It turns out that it's not the fault of the driver. But apparently after updating the xbox it happens. The question is whether fanatec will fix what Microsoft has broken?

  • No, Fanatec most likely is not responsible to fix an issue which Microsoft introduced. It's fully up to Microsoft to fix this.

  • Microsoft Help suggested resetting the console but it probably did not help. I have no idea what's going on.

  • Has anybody heard anything new about the post here? Experiencing the same issues, Game freezes and runs slow, Buttons on wheel are completely unresponsive. Ofcourse fanatec support is like getting blood from a stone, But i am in need of answers to this as im very close to thowing the lot of it out of the window and going with a different company. Wheel and peddals work completely fine in fanatec control panel but as soon as its connected to xbox and i load up F1 22 it does absolutely nothing.

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    Microsoft is aware of the issue and is investigating it with high prio for a fix soon, but they didnt gave an ETA yet.

    Sure you can throw it all out of the window and go with a different company but that different company will suffer from the same issue as it's not a Fanatec issue but a general Xbox issue affecting EVERY Xbox wheel and other mice like Logitech Mouse etc. And I dont know if those other companies contacted Microsoft to tell them about the issue - but Fanatec did.

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