GT DD Pro Wheel Base working ok, but no connection of wheels

GT DD Pro Wheel Base

Porsche 911 GT3 Podium with Button Module

C lub Steering Formula V 2.5 X

ClubSport Paddles V3

System working properly the last three weeks -yesterday during playing Formula 1 2022 suddenly "no wheel detection" - driver installed and uninstalled - from the newest to older ones (cause i got a screen: "for discontinued wheels such as Porsche and CSR Sereis, use Driver Package V443 or older") and back - the base is working ok, until i connect a wheel, than the whole system collapses. Firmware manager failed to recover, the steering wheel shows : "steering wheel not suported - please update firmware".

pc system is updated, base firmware is updated, wheel firmware update is not possible.

i would be glad to hear suggestions.


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