Happy Birthday Fanatec! Celebrating 25 Years of Endor

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This anniversary is a big milestone for any company, particularly for one focused on input devices for games and simulations. 25 years ago, the gaming peripheral market was totally different, and it has been a remarkable journey to be part of the evolution of technology until today.

I started Endor in October 1997, so now is the time to take a look back down memory lane, and to appreciate how far we have come. Earlier this year we celebrated with our colleagues in our home town of Landshut, Bavaria. We invited special guests to a second celebration at the Spa 24 Hours, which was also covered on our YouTube channel as part of a series of videos about the 2022 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe season:

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a few videos that explain some of the 25 year history of Fanatec and Endor AG.

To sum it up: I absolutely had no idea of what we could achieve. I do have quite some imagination and vision but if somebody would have told me 25 years ago that actual race drivers fight for championship points in our simulators or that a legendary GOAT wins the (real!) Rally Monte Carlo with our steering wheel then I would not have believed him.

And this is just the beginning...

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  • How about get something to sell for simracers?

    Seems that Maurice Böschen is only one here at forum to discuss with customers and if I got it right he just beta tester for Fanatec so don´t get any money for his help.

    Maby some invest for proper customers support and start telling what´s going on.

    Where is QR2 etc.

    I think no one here is interested about 25 year birthday or your deals with real life racing.

  • Congratulations on making 25 years! Longevity is the proof that what you're doing and the team you've built are delivering things people care about and have passion for. Congrats and hopefully another 25 to come.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    I remember when my first Speedster arrived and it changed everything. I was sold on Fanatec then and still to this day. Congratulations on this amazing milestone !!!

  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Jubiläum!🍻🥂 Macht weiter so 💪

  • Happy 25th guys, what a milestone!

  • Happy 25th. Fanatec has come a long way.

  • With respect Thomas, while I appreciate your pride, I wonder whether this may be misjudged. Fanatec customers are more interested in your companies current performance - less so in your "history".

    Frankly, I find it difficult to believe you choose to illustrate Fanatec's "success" by using the Podium Rally wheel as an example. The reality is that this is just one product in a long list of flagship products that are announced with great fanfare - only to never come to market.

    Keep the marketing BS for your shareholders - your actually customers would be more interested in hearing when these flagship products such as the new QR, the Bentley wheel and indeed the WRC module will actually come to market.

    Not to mention the long promised forum updates, improvements to software development, improvements to support, and what changes you have planned to increase product availability? If you could find a couple of minutes away from patting yourself on the back to update on these, arguably more important aspects, of your companies journey it would be appreciated.

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    What is certain is that something is brewing at Fanatec, with no news of the qr2 and with the serious problems in the usb connection of the csldd, plus no stock, it is very possible that soon a cslddv2 or a new clubsport dd will be presented.

    If they want to remain the reference 25 more years they can start by improving customer service. There is now more competition than ever in simracing. We as customers have more options to choose from.

    At least I hope that, if they present a new version of csldd, they will give the option to those affected by disconnections to change it.

  • Congrats Thomas on a (mostly) great 25 years.

    I remember being so happy when I got my clubsport v1 pedals. Superb all metal build quality with a load cell. So much better than the plastic rubbish from others.

    Now, any chance of the DD Pro pack coming back to stock? Really want to play GT7 with it over xmas. At least need the GT wheel to be in stock.

  • Happy birthday "Fanatec All Team"! Keep Going and don't lose FFB :D

  • Make 73Make 73 Member
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    And like always, he don´t reply to critism and questions from customers...very cocky guy he is indeed 😔

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    Imagine you are having a party and then some guys come in and complain to other happy guests and insult the host. What would you do?

    Whatever citisizm is mentioned here, whether constructive and justified or not, it is foremost one thing: Off Topic

    So I am happy to have you at the party but please behave. Thank you.

  • Completely tone deaf.

    Rather than complaining that your customers are ruining your party, it might be wiser to attend to the criticism. Otherwise you may well find you have fewer customers to spoil your fun.

    "Fiddling while Rome burns" comes to mind...

  • I believe you should be polite as the forum suggests.

    I am an old customer and I am very excited for this company future, which is going to be huge.

    I as a customer i believe that you are full of BS and not Mr Jackermeier.

    Respect people. Nothing is perfect in Fanatec neither in any other company.

    You are dissatisfied with Fanatec services? Shop elsewhere.

    Just behave.

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