Handbrake issues after light use

I have a fanatec club sports handbrake v1.5 with very light use, but even after taking care of the device currently i have the following issues:

1. There is simply to much wiggle in the handle. There is no amount of tightening the side nut to fix the issue, it does nothing to reduce the wiggling of the handle.

2. The brake travel register incorrectly, some times can register 50% with half travel, other times register 80% in the same traveled distance or anything in between. The handbrake is extremely inconstant to register the traveled force

3. Lastly recently i had the issue where an internal plastic washer explode while using the brake, add to improvise using a metallic washer.

Sent a support ticket to fanatec hopping they honor the product warranty and send a working device, even if the serial code is currently barely visible; or what alternative can they give me for this product with factory defects (exploding washer, failing potentiometer, and wiggling handle)

I'll post back the response from fanatec and how the support ticket evolve


  • Received the ticket number

    204654 CRM:000000700369788

  • After 8 hours I had been contracted by a support agent. Basically asking for additional information, photos and videos showing the issue.

    Till this moment the support request has gone smoothly and fast.

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