DD1 turning off mid race

So I was in a competitive race yesterday and my wheel base turned off for no reason, making me kill the car in front of me. All of my other electronics from the same power source stayed on, just my wheel base turned off. Does anyone know why this may have happened? Closed the game and turned the base back on, and did 2 more races with no problems.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  • It has now happened twice. First time I was in a high speed turn with no curbs. Second time I hit the curb on the first chicane at zolder and the base turned off. I guess at this point I should just contact fanatec directly

  • I was having this problem a while back. I live in a 100 year old house with dodgy wiring. In my case there was nothing wrong with the DD1, is was very poor power quality. The wife would turn on/off the cloths dryer, or other major appliance, and off went the DD1. Electric motors are odd things electrically, like you, the PC, router, monitor, etc. did not have a problem, only the DD1 as it has different power requirements than the others.

    I eventually bought a UPS to plug the DD1 into and the problem is gone. Oh, and the UPS counts "events" when the UPS kicks in. It's at something like 45, there are a lot of them in this old place.

    It may/may not be your problem but if you have access to a UPS, give it a try and see if the problem goes away.

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    Oh, one other thing. Double check the connection from the power cord that comes from the wall to the black power brick. I know I seated it firmly when I got the DD1 but either vibration or a cat/dog/me loosened it. Mine was halfway out. Check all your connections, vibration might have loosened something up.

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