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I placed an order on June 7th for the CSL PS4 bundle. I also paid for a 2 day FEDEX delivery, but as of now, my order status shows as The order is in process. I have been trying to contact Fanatec via email for a while now, but I had no responses. I want to know if it would be possible to cancel my order so I can place an order for the F1 esports ps4 bundle, which is in stock. I understand that you have that item on stock, so I would get it delievered faster. If not, is it possible to provide me an update on my order status? 




  • Please see this thread:

    Answers can take up to 14 days at the moment. Please do not contact them over and over again to ask for a status update as this delays an answer even more.

    You can always cancel an order by yourself in your order history. If you dont see a button to cancel the order there anymore, then its already too late for a cancelation.

  • If I cancel the order, which I still can, will I be able to get a full refund? That is my question

  • Also, I am in my rights to contact them to understand the status of something I paid, pure and simple customer rights. I have the rights to ask for something I paid.

    It does not make any sense how a customer asking on the status can delay anything. I am offering a quick solution for both parts, not complaining or anything.

  • I have cancelled a few orders and I have gotten full refund.

  • Yes, that are your rights, but the CEO of the company kindly asked the community to NOT ask the support or webshop several times and he said that an answer can take up to 14 days and if you dont hear anything from them after that time that you can contact them again after that time frame. If you send them an email daily this just increases the mail flood the team has to answer and its possible that your first mail gets queued back to the end when another mail from your account comes in.

    Regarding the refund: I am a EU customer and we get 100% refunded. I have read that US customers have to pay a 15% restocking fee for canceled orders but not sure about that. I would honestly just wait the 14 days until you got an answer from the webshop team.

  • I don’t know why you are concerned with my post since you are a customer as well, I am still looking for an precise answer, I canceled my order and now it is showing as in progress, not sure why. I placed another order for the F1 bundle, which was in stock, the payment has been made but still not sure what will happen.

    Waiting for 14 days is not an answer to my issue, since I am asking for a refund way before it has been shipped, and also I placed another order.

    can someone clarify this to me? Thanks for the response above but it is not meaningful to me, coning from a customer and not the company.

    I would like to ask you not to get in the middle of something that is between me and the company.


  • I cancelled a bundle and instantly re-ordered different items. I received money back after around 5 days and my new order is ongoing.

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