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  • By the wording, I would say shipping to customers.

  • Similarly the 'Pre-order' date on my products (a PS4 Bundle) has suddenly changed from June 12th to early August!

    My order itself, still states Pre-order, 'In progress' for each item with no other delivery information.

    Is my product due to be dispatched soon, or is it now delayed until August? The lack of decent information in this day and age, is truly woeful for a retail company. Is my product delayed or not? Is there anyway to find this out without waiting 14 days?!

  • Look like we all in the same boat. If I don’t get some type answer today, I think it’s time to call the attorney general office and the B.B.B. I think all of us should do it. Maybe they will move the ass and start listening to their customers. Better yet call all media too. It’s pretty simple if they are that behind you put sold out , don’t collect any more orders until you are all caught up. It’s that simple.

  • Are they legally allowed to take your money before they ship? I know its not allowed in the UK but less sure about US businesses?

  • I don't think I'd want to get that drastic. I think what has happened, with all the attention that they got with iRacing and NASCAR being televised with the ChinaVirus farce... they are completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the volume of orders they must be getting. I seriously doubt that they intend to screw anyone of us. You can always click the "Cancel Order" button, but I think I'll wait. It's just too bad they can't do a better job communicating with us. Since most orders are most likely paid with PayPal, there is little concern about eventually getting the product or a refund.

  • Its the communication that is the issue. Firstly they should not advertise dates they can not achieve and secondly they should update customers ASAP, if they, for whatever reason, can't achieve what they have advertised

  • I just sent another Order Status inquiry to Customer Service...

    " I don't know if you ever look at your forum, but "the natives are getting restless". Many complaints about the current order delays and the lack of credible status information. In my case, when I placed the order on May 18, the product status was "In Stock and ready to go". Then for a few weeks later it changed to "Pre-ordered for June 12". Obviously June 12 has come and gone, but the status is still set for June 12. Can you provide the actual status of my order? If you really have no idea when it might ship, please let me, and the others waiting on orders know what's going on. 

    I'm also curious why you already billed me for the product when it has not been shipped yet? Is this a normal practice? All other venders, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, only bill when the product is shipped. Just curious. "

    I'll post when or if I get a response.

  • Hi @Balamurugan Praveen, @Ryan Honeycutt,

    Did you finally receive your gear? Or at least a shipment notification?

    Thank's for you reply :)

  • edited June 2020

    Also @Ryan Honeycut.

    I ended up cancelling my order and placed separate orders of individual items that were available. This morning the status of all my orders say "The order has been processed".

    Date order placed: 17th June 2020

    Farthest availability date of all my orders: "Ready to ship"

    Current status: "The order has been processed"

    Communication from fanatec: Received confirmation email saying order has been processed and cant be changed and it said the order will be shipping soon.

    PS: I got my refund for my old order and no problems with that. One problem I still have is that I tried to place an order for a steering wheel for which i see a transaction on my bank account but there is no record of an order number for that in my fanatec account and I never got the automated order confirmation email from fanatec. I have contacted the sale team regarding this but I havent heard back yet.

  • Hi Balamurugan Praveen,

    Thank you for your insights. I hope you finally received your gear now :)

    On my side I had a good surprise this morning. I received the Fanatec mail "Your Fanatec will be shipped soon" containing the invoice. TBH I will believe it only when I will see all the gear at my house, and hope it not a system bug.

    I initially made my order on May 19th with a availability date of the last item not available on July 3rd. Then 2 weeks ago the entire delivery been pushed back to July 31st due to V2 wheel not available anymore. And now the shipment seems ready almost 2 weeks before the initial date.

    It's quite strange and I think their stock system weirdly works. Or maybe my position in the "waiting" queue change because people tend to cancel their orders due to the announced delivery time.

    I will feed this thread with my experience in, I hope, following days.

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