CSL DD on PC (Comp mode)

Is compatability mode still the best setting for the majority of games? I race in ACC, RF2, WRC Gen etc, etc.

Why is Comp mode stiull the betyter default than PC mode and when will this be addressed by Fanatec or is this a game developer issue?


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    All new games support it natively.

    Old games still need it for LED support etc, nothing Fanatec can do as its up to game developers to implement new bases and when a game is EOL then that game will never support new bases natively so Comp mode on those old games is always needed.

  • Thanks for the reply. Do you use PC mode in ACC?? It still feels better in comp mode (to me) but do you think that is just because ACC was released prior to the CSL DD?? I'm just curious why developers haven't made updates to their games to support this base considering how well it has been taken up.

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