Podium DD2 will lose connection to iRacing, still have power, and be constantly spinning clockwise

I have had my DD2 for maybe a year now and haven't had any issues until the past month. I have been on the newest firmware since release day of 447 and only now starting to have issues.

In iRacing, and at random times, I will be driving and the wheel will lose connection to iRacing, will still be on, and will start spinning clockwise. If I let go of the wheel it will never stop spinning. the only way to get it to stop spinning is hit the emergency stop or turn the wheel off. Once it is back on, it will automatically connect to iRacing and start without needing to exit the game.

This has happened about 3-4 times now in the past month and makes me tentative to do races because it has happened in a race.

I have tried to re-calibrate center of the wheel and FFB test. Did not make improve the random error. Also unplugged and plugged the power and usb cable back in from the base and PC. Still happened after that.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Thank you in advance


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