f1 22 (still) does not pop up in fanalab

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hi there!

since the launch of the game ( i had a break between no worries) does the game not pop up in fanalab.

the only difference is that i launch the game by the origin launcher and not steam.

the exe./ custom game way also doesnt work, it says that it cant use the telemetry/ doesnt get the telemetry .

excuse for my bad english and noobyness XD

thanks for the help!


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    F1 22 is supported since 4 months.

    You just need the latest FanaLab version 1.66 or 1.65, then F1 22 will be shown in the games list on the main page.

    There you just have to click on the windows icon in the F1 22 image (by default its set to Steam) and then manually select the F1 22 exe in your origin install folder - then it will work, including telemetry.

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