Constant vibrating after few hours - DD1 Podium F1

Hello !

I've had the F1 Wheel podium for 2 weeks, I've been having a problem since then, I noticed this while playing Assetto Corsa and AC Competizione. 

I can play 1h or 1h30 without problems, but after a while the base starts to vibrate slowly, and the only way to stop it is to turn off and on the base. Pausing the game, ALT+TAB or even quitting the game does nothing. 

No particular action in game caused this, but it only happened while driving, never in the menus, so I think it's a software problem... 

I use the latest Fanatec driver (447), and all firmware is up to date. 

I had this bug 5 times it seems in 2 weeks.

Do you know where it could come from? How could I try to fix it? 

I put you a video where you can hear the vibration coming from the base, it had just happened so I paused the game, tried alt tabs, but nothing... 

Thank you


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