DD1 PODIUM wont start


i have just got the Podium F1 and when i start up, led light on the back ok, the screen turns on on the motor but nothing on the wheel display and the wheel buttons are also nit responding, some seconds later the screen on the motor turns out..

i ve tried all the rebooting and whatnot but nothing the thing wont work..also tried with other fanatec wheels, nothing.. just the same mesg (see below)

i ve used it 3 times great it was but now..?? i did the support ticket but maybe someone could give some advise about this fail?




  • That's a WQR issue which a customer cant fix at home. Only the support can help you with a WQR issue.

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    thanks Maurice,

  • I had this problem a few days ago, I managed to solve it by installing the v336 driver.

    You must:

    • Uninstall all current drivers
    • reinstall the driver 336
    • Turn off the computer and the dd1
    • Turn on the computer again, once done, stay press the power button of the dd1 for 10 seconds, it will flash
    • A popup will open to update the firmware
    • Once done, use the Fanatec controL panel to update all firmware,

    You can then reinstall the last driver, and check the updates

  • Hi Alexandre, any idea how to found that the version driver 336

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    About rollback to version 336,

    To mention, this problem start the same time I switch from CSL brake pedal to CLS Pedal (Load cell kit) and first step was to upgrade the load cell pedal and all went well, after I then connect the pedals to the DD1 then the pedals dosent work and if I try to switch back to original brake pedal the result is the same, still the PC software detect the loadcell pedal direct soonest I coonect via USB so the software and the USB cable works for sure

    And when i start up, the led light are "Green" (Xbox X) switch over to PC "Red" but the Fanatec application dosnet found anything, so regardless connected RJ12 or not and just the USB connected between PC and DD1 still no hardware are detected

  • Have now test to change the original included USB cable to another USB cable, same behavior, the wheel base react for an second but still non communication via Fanatec software , another test then with replace the RJ12 cable between the accelerator pedal and the wheel base DD1 "Xbox" mode then the Xbox welcome screen are continuously loop from main menu to some sub menu, soonest I change the wheel base to "PC comp mode" or "PC mode" then the menu stop loop and all you supposed to do via the orginal Xbox controll works

  • Back to original setup sins start, so again original RJ12 cabel, original pedals and McLaren GT3 wheel, still the same, no working pedals, still non communication against the Fanatec software, can drive using the multi-purpose paddle system via the wheel, then both the accelerat and brake works but for sure not what I want :-(

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