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So, If I connect pedals via USB to the PC Fanatec Software (NOT FANALAB) recognize pedal brake vibration.

IF I connect pedals trough the wheel base vibration isn't recognize

Via FANALAB brake pedal vibration is not recognize in both connection mode (via USB - via JACK wheel base)

The question is how I can have pedal brake vibration in ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE.

In ACC menu I flagged option that validate manufaturer options.

When I push hard my pedal zero vibration, the system that produce the vibration not work.

I read in some forum that it will be better if I set to 0 BLI option, but on my wheel menu and in the menu of fanalab or fanatec driver options BLI not exist, there isn't an option called BLI.

I prey you if you can help me to use pedal vibration options on ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE.

THANK you a lot


  • Sounds like you may be on an older driver/ firmware package, in which the BLI setting hadn't yet been implemented. It used to be called (somewhat confusingly) "ABS". Try looking for that. Otherwise, try upgrading to the latest driver package, if your equipment will support it.

  • Like Gregg said, the previous firmware parameter set had ABS for the function you’re looking for, I had it in my CSL Elite WB on the older fw, after the update (in 2021 for me) is BLI.

    Personally I’ll advise against any “reckless” fw update, do that only if you’re unsatisfied with your hardware and how it performs… otherwise be aware that with every firmware new functions are available and at the same time old things may be screwed up.

    At the beginning of the year I got a new pedal set, V3, came with fw 1.30 and still is, no matter having the 1.35 available. But I’ve read of several issues, still, so There’s no point for me to update, not yet.

  • Thank a lot for yours reply.

    This is my screenshot and as you can see not available BLI or ABS option.

    And as you can see in the second screenshot Fanatec vibration it's recognize when I connect pedals trough USB cable directly to the PC.

    The strange things is that yesterday in the evening, I don't remember how I did, in fanalab BLI was showned.

    Please help me.

    thank you

  • for complete information driver are upgrade too

  • BLI was removed in driver 447 if you dont use CSP v3.

    It will be added back with the next driver if you use CSP v3 OR a steering wheel with vibration motors.

    In the meantime you can only downgrade the driver back to 439 to get BLI back until 448 releases sometime this year.

  • Wait, so is that the plan going forward for all future driver revisions? For BLI to only be available if you have CSP V3's or a wheel with vibration motors?

    I still use a set of CSP V1's, and very much enjoy the BLI function with them (currently running driver v439).

  • Well, forgive me for saying so, but that seems pretty stupid. Why remove functionality from existing hardware? This essentially locks me in to v439 forever, preventing me from ever upgrading my CSL DD. Is this Fanatec's way of forcing me to upgrade to the V3's? Because if that's the case, I'll be looking at other manufacturers.

  • edited November 2022

    BLI is a fake vibration, not based in Telemetry.

    Focus for the future is on Telemetry based pedal vibrations and Telemetry based vibrations dont work in parallel with BLI.

    BLI at some point might even be removed entirely to only focus on Telemetry based vibrations instead of fake vibrations.

    Dont know for sure but maybe with the upcoming change in 448 it's also added back to old pedals, dont know. You would need to try 448 when it gets released.

  • Fair enough that BLI and Telemetry-based vibration don't work in tandem. But why not give players the option and make it something you can choose between in the UI, similar to Peak vs. Linear? Especially for games that may not supply the necessary telemetry data, BLI is a nice alternative to at least give you confirmation that you are (or are not) braking as hard as you think you are.

  • Hi, I solved.

    1) Fanatec driver 447

    2) Fanalab version 1.62.3

    In the menu of driver (447) if I connect v2 pedals to USB I view option for brake vibration, when I connect pedals trough the wheel base not appear but it is not a problem

    With Fanalab (or older) 1.62.3 now I can see BLI option that, if I set to 1, move vibration system on my brake pedal.

    For now I solved the problem.

    Yes, the vibration move it whe I push the pedal (you can set the pression). I know that is not to connected to telemetry but It is very great the feedback to the foot.

  • Thank you for suggestion. Moving from yours post I tryed to downgrade driver but insuccessfully. with a downgrade of FANALAB finnaly I solved.

    However it was very strange that with last driver version neither BLI nor ABS appeared.

    I don't know why it's so difficult write, in the product specification (mostly for discontinued produts, whic is last driver that ensure perfect functioning of all optios possible for that product. They write to install newest driver. The newest driver not even it's the best one for the product do you have, for best funtioning of all settings of the product.

  • Gregg, I agree 100% with you, but this behaviour is very typical, I’m not surprised any less.

    And that’s why I always insist on being careful about upgrading ‘no matter what’.

    My V3 are still on 1.30, and I’m ok with that, not to mention the DD Pro.

    More often than not fw upgrades are bringing fixes and new functionalities, yes, along with an undetermined dose of damage to existing things or even removal of something else.

    If you’re hardware is ok and you’re happy, well, think about it, at least twice.

    Read the forum and search multiple sources if it’s ok to proceed but mostly if it makes sense.

    And sometimes there’s no choice at all, and maybe after you can downgrade.

    Maybe ☺️

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