F1 22 Rev lights and gear screen dont work

Hi there!

i am having troubles setting up my fanalab with f1 22,

i followed guides, posts on the forum here and i dont get it managed to work

my gear: CSL Elite Base V1

F1 esports wheel V1

CSL Elite pedals

Fanalab version; V1.66

Firmware: everything up to date

F1 version: latest

see my screenshots how i have my settings at the momtent

what do i need to chance to get my custom profile work on my wheel?

Thanks for the support !


  • In game Telemetry looks weird, especially the IP adress should look entirely different ( and UDP Format should be 2022 and not 2021.

    Best is to click the two green buttons in the game profile Tab in Fanalab to Enable Telemetry and Enable Fanalab support again, this will Setup the in game Telemetry correct.

    Also make sure to close the Fanatec TrayApp if you have it installed because it blocks FabaLab Telemetry as well atm.

  • YES1 GOT IT! it was indeed my ip, iv no clue how tht happend. thx dude!!

  • hello, Maurice!

    I'm new to the fanatec world. I have a DD2 + Steering formula 2.5x and I use fanalab together with F12022 using Maurice's prest.

    It turns out that I would like to use a SimHub Dash together to synchronize everything. I am not able to configure. Does anyone have an idea?

    The only way I managed to make SimHub work was by entering port 20888. But if I do that, I end up losing Maurice's preset leds configuration. Is there a way to make them all work independently?

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