No FFB in the center

Hi Guys,

I have a GT DD Pro kit with 8Nm boost kit and F1 wheel. After reading "recommended settings for AC" thread and experimenting with the settings i have the FFB dialed in to my liking.

There's only one thing that i can't figure out.

I'm driving the Nordschleife in AC and for some reason there is no FFB in the center to about 20 deg left and right, also on high speed. Then the FFB kicks in and feels a bit rumbly when you "lean" the wheel into the FFB. It just feels unnatural.

What i'd like is the FFB start at min level right at the center and gently build up to max, as you turn the wheel.

I'm sure it has to do with some setting but i can't figure it out.

Can someone help me understand what's happening here?

Thanks a lot.



  • Does it feel like that only with AC or with other games as well? If the former, is it only with certain cars, or with anything you drive? Assuming you're on PC?

  • That did the trick, thanks!

    I used the Alfa 4C as my learn-the-track car, not too crazy fast. But i just tried the Huracan in ACC (in native PC mode) and the steering was really smooth. I then went back to AC (in PC comp mode) and tried the Praga R1 on the Nordschleife and the steering was also smooth. When i then tried the Alfa again the unnatural feel was back again. Way too light and no feedback in the center. Odd!

    Thanks for the input.

  • Cool, glad you got it (somewhat) sorted. Shame the 4C still feels bad, but I guess there's no shortage of other cars to drive instead.

  • Hi Gregg,

    I finally figured out what i did wrong. I was using the wrong wheel preset with the Alfa the whole time. I was under the impression that you had to create your own wheel preset. So I spent the best part of the day yesterday trying to get it to work properly. When i tried the Praga (what a great car btw) i used the CSW preset and that work perfect. When i tried that with the Alfa, it was smooth as silk.

    Thanks again.

  • Yeah, the Praga's one of my favorites too. Definitely gets the adrenaline going around the Nordschleife. Glad you got everything sorted!

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