Podium F1 Steering Wheel Issues

Hello everyone,

So I received my Podium F1 Wheel PS4 on Monday, and I downloaded driver 335 onto it, before connecting it to my PS4 and playing F1 2018 on it.

It was going well until Tuesday evening. I started the wheel up, only to find that on one side, the force feedback was much stronger than the other. (Left stronger than right). So I restarted the wheel, which fixed the problem, for about 35-40 seconds. So I tried to restart the whole thing, disconnect it from the mains, and my PS4 and start again. This time I started using it and the wheel spun rapidly to the left multiple times, then died. The wheel then refused to communicate with the wheelbase, and the fan was spinning very quickly. So I left it overnight, until the morning where it did the same thing again.

After leaving it for a while, by sheer luck the wheel would communicate with the wheelbase, so i switched it to PC mode, and installed driver 346, supposedly the most stable driver. After installing it for the first time, it worked perfectly, but when I crashed the wheel spun to the left very quickly again, and died, but after a reset it worked fine. Until Thursday afternoon, when once again the wheel felt heavier to drive on one side than the other, and when I tried a reset, the wheel wouldn’t communicate with the wheelbase, and the fans were working to the max.

At this point I am disappointed that such an expensive product can have flaws this great, after having waited 4 and a half years for this, I certainly expected more in terms or reliability.

Any help/solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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