CSL DD pro questions

I got my CSD DD PRO yesterday , everything is updated. I came from a csl elite, and I am on ps5. boost kit added.

  1. in ACC, I feel that during corners, the force on the wheel is not linear , it peaks at a point, and stays there, no matter if I increase the speed or turn the wheel more. the ffb is on half in the game, so its not clipping, when I go on the rumbles, I feel them, so there is more torque available . is it normal behavior? I tried the peak and linear settings, but linear is weak, and it does the same, so I use peak.
  2. in f1 22 it does something else. when I turn the wheel in corner in a high degree, the force decreases. it doesn't go away, its not a ffb loss. the wheel doesn't slip , it just lightens a little bit. it does it in low speed corners too.
  3. the McLaren v2 wheel has some noises and movement during direction changes in the center , I guess its the qr lite ....

thank you for the answers!


  • Okey, acc solved.

    It was clipping. I had to reduce game ffb below 40 and the car came alive. I am sure the base is cabapable of more torque , not sure why I had to reduce it so much .

    F1 22 still haven't found the right spot

  • Neil ReubenNeil Reuben Member
    edited December 2022

    F1 22 FFB goes light with understeer - that’s how the game is giving that information, so when you feel it go light, back off just a touch to get grip. THere is a setting “understeer enhance” that exagerates this sensation - turn it off if its on.

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