Podium f1 not compatible with Podium HUB

Hi guys,

Has anyone had issues between their Podium F1 drive not working with a Podium Hub wheel?

This is my Fanatec Podium experience:

Bougth a Podium F1 from Digital Motorsport this past September. Wheel base and Steering Wheel work perfectly and have been updated to the latest firmware/driver.

Bought in September the Fanatec GT World Challenge steering wheel from Fanatec US website:

  • When I received the wheel, the podium hub was physically damaged and I had to RMA it.
  • A few weeks later I received a new podium hub.
  • This hub would not be recognize by the DD1 wheel base.
  • After many exchange with Fanatec US, I did RMA the new podium hub.
  • After a couple of weeks, I receive an email from Fanatec specifying that the podum hub is perfectly working and the problem reside in the Podium F1 DD1 wheel. (How do they know that?, they never looked at the wheel base)
  • Since the Fanatec WEBsite mentions that the GT world challenge wheel is compatible with the Podium F1 base, should I not be able to ask for a reimbersment.
  • In their last communication they refuse to reimberse me. So basically, they sold me a piece of junk. I am not even sure if all of the components are working since the podium hub could not recognized and everything is connect through the Podium Hub.
  • The last email from Fanatec US mention that they can not RMA my wheel base since I bought it from Digital Motorsports. Is their something I don't understand; they are not standing behind their product.

I feel now that I have ripped of a thousand dollar Canadian.

I just wish that I would have read about more reviews comparing Fanatac Podium drive to other competitors.

This is a very costly mistake that I made.

At least I can race with the steering wheel that comes with Podium F1. But that said the claim that Fanatec has the largest compatible wheel ecosystem does not apply to me and probably to many others.

A very sad racing customer


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