Incredibly bummed out with Fanatec support an a messed up order can someone do the right thing?

I ordered my dream setup after waiting years and I still can't really afford it, dd2, etc.

So to be clear I did screw up, I noticed holy I just ordered the non inverted pedals. I immediately contacted fanatec to fix the order, and there solution was just to send them back once they ship???? I thought ok thanks that is great, well It turns out they will not honor the pricing on the inverted pedals of 399.

This really sucks as the pedals were not shipped and nothing was done in that short period of time on the weekend, they could have fixed the order, changed stopped it or provided some way to rectify this,

I gotta say this is incredibly disheartening as a long time customer since the csr elite days. I really hope someone at Fanatec will step up and make this right.


  • To be clear had the response from fanatec told me to just repurchase the other set I gladly would have. PLEASEEEEE give me the price at the time of my purchase....PLEASEEEEEEEEE. I immediately tried to have this fixed.

  • I messed up an order a few years ago and was told just cancel and re order,this was before my items had shipped,which i did,this is the advice you should have been given

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    Thanks for the info Anthony. So the first email I got said just refuse shipment of the first set but no instructions for ordering. I wasn't sure if this mean it was added or if I needed a separate order for just the pedals. I replied asking what to do but never heard he back, so I tried general email to Fanatec and finally told they can't give me the price because the sale is now over. It was complete confusion and I'm not sure even sure that person realized I had previous correspondence with a different fanatec employee. I realize the mistake was mine and I'm not special but I did make the purchase during the sale and notify them of the issue before the sale was over. I would have just cancelled my order and made a new one gladly but I figured that was a jerk move (I guess im not smart).

    Is there a Fanatec employee who could talk to someone or somehow I can call and at least speak on the phone about this?

    It's embarrassing to use guilt but I have been recovering from a serious medical problem for the last 4 years and this kinda pumped me up for the holidays, only to be soured by my stupid mistake.

    Anthony were you able to call on the phone?

    Please Fanatec pretty please with a jar of cherries on top can you please help me. I'm desperate.

    thank you

  • They will do literally nothing about this, since they dont care.

    It took them 6 days after putting in my order to tell me that the product I bought wasnt in stock and that they had "sold too many" of said product. Funny thing is that I asked them about my order 3 days prior and they said everything was fine and that UPS just hasnt picked up the package yet.

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    Sorry to hear that Alexander. I understand it takes a lot of staff to deal with orders etc and things can get overlooked emails etc but that really sucks they didn't make it right in the end. Did they do anything for you at all?

    Anybody have advice for what time of day I can call the and get someone on the phone?

    thanks guys, i"m trying to stay positive. Is it possible an employee will be on this forum I can talk to?

  • Well they did give me a 10% discount code, but they made sure that I wouldnt get a refund until after the black friday sale.

    So all in all I missed out on the sale thanks to their crap website.

    I hope they manage to help you in some way.

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    Well I still have not heard back from 3 emails, I'm hoping they are waiting for someone to authorize it.

    Is there anyway to speak to a live person?

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    Fanatec hello?

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