Connectivity Issues with CSL DD Pro and Podium DD - Sorry this is a long one

So around September, I purchased a CSL DD Pro with Formula 2.5X and CSL LC pedals. This whole setup is mounted to a Playseat Challenge that is secured down to a plywood sheet. Both the wheelbase and pedals are connected through USB to the computer (Pedals are not being run through the wheelbase). I would like to mention here that I have reinstalled the latest driver (447) 4 times by this point and have also loaded a fresh windows install prior to these issues (All drives were cleared etc). All firmware versions are current as well.

I set up the CSL DD Pro and used it on iRacing for about 5 hours before I ran into this connectivity sort of issue. This is the issue I will keep referring to for the rest of this post.


Racing around a track, I will be driving normally when all of a sudden the steering wheel in game gets locked in one spot, force feedback gets locked in a single state trying to rotate either slowly or quickly, and all button control is lost on the steering wheel. Once this issue occurred once, it happened more and more frequently. I had to reset the wheelbase as well as my computer to reset the issue. I still have pedal control, however.

From here, a support ticket was created and all support was unsuccessful, therefore a repair RMA was created for the wheelbase alone. I received this RMA as a new unit and had the exact same issue after another 5 hours of racing. For both of these times, when I would open up Control Panel, it would show that the base and steering wheel could not be found and the pedals were just fine.

Thinking there was an issue with interference between the TV I was using as it is on the older side, I moved my setup back away from it and it seemed to help for an hour or so but then this issue occurred once again. On top of this, as soon as I loaded into an iRacing session once, the wheel started spinning back and forth disregarding the soft stops on would've probably sprained or broken my thumb if it had started spinning the other way due to the way I was lightly holding it.

Another support request was filed and, while other support options were given, they didn't fix the issue. Once again, another RMA was created for the wheelbase and steering wheel combined. This is still in transit to California to be looked at as it got caught up in FedEx transit.

While this whole issue was going on, I decided to purchase the Podium DD F1 bundle on sale. Again, this is mounted to my Playset challenge (I know, I know, it's sketchy but honestly not that bad with everything screwed down to a base plywood sheet). Anyways I mounted this up to the setup in the same way that the DD Pro was mounted (USB for both pedals and wheelbase).

Once again, I was able to get about 5 hours on the base (which is amazing, and would recommend 10 times over the CSL DD if you can afford it...) until I once again had the same issue. This time, however, the pedals wanted to join in on the party and locked up as well.

I was unable to open the Fanatec Control Panel after this happened and was forced to restart the PC. Once I restarted, however, I was able to see that the steering was being responsive, however, the REV LED lights were still stuck. I tested the REV LED and the went back to normal afterward. The wheel and pedal vibration test was fine and I could get pedal inputs once again as well.

Here is a link to the videos of the issue:

The "Random CSL DD Spinning" video and "Funny disconnect on Road America" are on the CSL DD. I had many more issues but they were the exact same as these. All other videos are of the Podium DD F1 from this instance.

I will be installing iRacing and everything necessary on my laptop to see if the issue occurs once again with a different device. I'll keep this thread updated with anything I find. I've been trying to get as much help from support as possible but it's been 3 months since I initially order these products and figured I would make it public to see if anyone else had similar issues.


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