Fanatec Control Panel and Fanalab Together? Or which one?

I decided to update my firmware with the latest release from iRacing... and now I have a Fanatec Control Panel on my PC as well as Fanalab.

Problem is, some of the settings are different between them and it's causing issues.

  1. The PEAK and LINEAR settings are reversed between them, I believe Control Panel is correct as per my Button Module
  2. When I load into iRacing, I get automatically put on some new AUTO setup? But in FanaLab, it has Setup 1 selected. Control Panel says Auto is selected.
  3. If I select Setup 1 in CP, Setup 2 in FanaLab gets selected...
  4. In FanaLab, when I change FFS, the steering angle changes.
  5. My wheel says SEN (Wheel sensitivity) is 1080... but FanaLab says 2370.

I'm sure there are other issues... #2 is the biggest one though as the auto setup is terrible and has horrible wheel sensitivity.


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