Massive DD1 90 degree wheel rotation upper dead zone!

Evening all new here after some help with steering wheel issue, chucked a quick vid on youtube as its easier to show than explain? 

For those how dont want to watch the video there is a massive dead zone of 90 degrees at the end of the steering rotation.


  • you tied it other games?

    see if still has that issue

  • Luciano, its the only game it does it on, I would really interested if other FH5 players have the same issue? I really like Forza titles been playing them since original Forza and yes its simcade but that doesnt stop them being really fun and drifting a Transit van is fun! However this issue is making impossible for me to drift unless I go right down to 360 DOR which is ridiculous to just drive with!

    I also race on






    No issues FFB works great on all on them, even ETS2 feels good and amazingly Snowrunner and Mudrunner do not have this issue!

  • Does anyone know anyone using Logitech or Thrustmaster or any other wheel for that matter do they have the same issue?

  • I was talking to someone with a Thrustmaster wheel at it looks like a FH5 issue as he wheel had the same upper deadzone issue. Maybe its just a visual thing and doesnt effect the actual handling like the actual ingame steering wheel only has a very limited DOR.

  • i thought so.. Forza Horizon games been known for not being the best to play with steering wheels

    the previous FH games had very bad FFB

    good to know that the problem was the game rather than your wheel base :)

  • Just to clarify the road wheel animation is purely cosmetic like the in car steering wheel animation.

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