I can’t change the led settings on my mclaren v2 wheel

Hi, I’m new to pc but not new to fanatec.

This is applicable to ACC

so here we go….

I downloaded driver 447 - fine

I downloaded fanalab 166? Most recent version - fine

I could change my led settings etc in fanalab no problem. It was great.

I have since installed ge force experience which optimises my graphics and I’ve updated windows.

Ever since then I’ve not been able to adjust my LED display without having the car speed constantly displayed.

I would usually not have this and just have the gears (with brackets set for revs and gear change) and ABS/TC activation.

can anyone advise on the issue?

many thanks


  • Click on the two green buttons to Enable Telemetry and Enable FanaLab support in the game profile tab to get a manual shown how to properly disable native LED / Display support so they dont interfere with FanaLab.

  • So this is a screenshot of my game profile.

    when I head to acc to options/general/set fanatec leds to “disabled “ the option in acc is greyed out all the time I’m running fanalab.

  • I’ve sorted it.

    I booted acc up without fanalab, saved the settings and rebooted with fanalab. Ta da!!!! Job done.

    thanks for your help.

    have a good Christmas.

  • I have encountered one small issue now though.

    I no longer have the gear shift brackets flashing when I reach my maximum revs set within the brackets of my rev range.

    something weird is going on.

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