Non-compatibility between Base DD1 x Racing Wheel clubsport Formula V2.5

I bought a Clubsport formula V2.5 steering wheel and what is the procedure to connect it with the Playstation, as it does not connect at any time. How should I update, because I've tried several ways and it doesn't connect either on PC or PS5? The base is DD1 and the steering wheel is Clubsport V2.5.


  • You have the DD1 or the Podium F1 PlayStation DD1 base ?

    Because if you own the normal DD1 it's not compatible with PlayStation consoles.

    On PC it should work, so.. do you have other steering wheels that work with the base on PC and the Formula V2.5 doesn't work?

  • I have the Podium F1 PlayStation DD1 base. The steering wheel is Clubsport Formula V2.5, specific to Playstation. But what happens is: how do I make the steering wheel recognize the pS5, because when I switch from the PC to the ps5 it doesn't work. It becomes inactive. The PC driver version to calibrate that can still read the steering wheel is 429, but when I switch to ps5 mode, it doesn't work. Is there any way or version that I can make or use to have this compatibility? I use the Podium F1 PlayStation DD1 base with other racing wheels such as the CSL Elite F1 and it works fine on the playstation. Thanks for listening!

  • Did you connected successfully before?

    Usually change the base to PS5 mode, and press the PS botton on the wheel, then you can see the controller in PS5.

  • The steering wheel only works when I take it out of the connected cradle and put it back in. If I turn it on with the steering wheel in the base, it doesn't recognize it.

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