Clubsport Formula 2021 Limited mode?

Using GT DD Pro CSL base and hook up the Formula 2021 wheel on PS5. Works in compatibility mode on F22 not PS mode. Is that how it’s supposed to work? I selected Formula V2.5 for button mapping as it was the choose as close to the 2021. Also is that a correct choice?


  • Is it working well?

    i assume you're playing the F22 game on PlayStation console, correct?

    So the wheel only works in the Ps compatibility mode and not the native PlayStation mode?

    Are the rev lights and screen working on the F1 2021 wheel in game?

  • Yes, everything works fine with F22 so I don’t really care but the GT wheel that comes with the DD Pro works in blue mode with F22. I don’t play 2021 anymore so I’m not sure if it works in that game.

    I figured it was the base that matters not the wheel but clearly I’m mistaken. Just making sure I’m doing it correctly.

    To clarify, purple mode with Formula 2021 Limited wheel and blue mode if using the GT Pro wheel when playing F22?

  • Louis PassaroLouis Passaro Member
    edited January 4

    To update. Maurice stated, on another thread, the DD Pro works in blue mode no matter which wheel is connected. He is correct. I have it working on F1 22 in blue mode on PS5. Just had to delete the profile saved in purple mode and start over.

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