Csl Dd 8nm with v2 wheel power n ff cutting out


i had this from new last week i noticed on track a right turn i feel a clunk n then have no ffb or gears the power to wheel seems to cut off in iracing mainly

does anyone know this problem and have quick fix?

and while here whats warranty on the base i may still be inside 🀞🏾🀞🏾

thanks in advance


  • Im having this issue too, with a CSW v2.5 and Maca v2 wheel with metal QR1. It never happened before in the years ive used this gear but now, out of the blue, its happening in almost every session. And like you, usually during a right turn. iRacing, Windows 10, nothing about my setup has changed whatsoever but now this - and LOADS of others reporting the same problem.

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