2 issues: brake pedal calibration changes / gas stops working if I press both pedals at same time

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I have inverted V3 pedals plugged in directly to wheel base with original cable.

I have had an ongoing issue with my brake pedal resetting the calibration while in the middle of a session on track. Recently I also have had multiple times when the brake pedal becomes unresponsive. I have a buttkicker but don’t use it because it caused the issue to happen more often leading me to believe I had a loose connection. Recently I made my brake pedal less stiff by adjusting the pedal and now the issue is happening significantly more.

tonight I was logging a ticket for this and noticed that the pedal symbol turns off when the pedals are unresponsive and when they change calibration it usually happens just after the dots show up next to the pedals indicating something might be updating or it lost connection? The other thing I have discovered that I can repeat is that if I press the brake pedal and the gas pedal at the same time I get the blinking dots and then the gas pedal goes completely unresponsive. I was able to repeat this issue while having the fanatic control panel open to see exactly what the pedals are doing and sure enough if I press both up and down for a minute or so the blinking lights come on for a few seconds and the gas becomes completely unresponsive until reset.

any ideas?


  • I am trying to get a usb cable through fanatic to isolate the issue potentially to the pedals. (Lost mine and I just logged ticket today so no response yet) Assuming if I have the same issue when the pedals are not connected to the wheel base leads me to believe that the issue is not related to the wheel base or RJ12 cable and is most likely an issue in the pedals.

  • you can just use any USB (type a to type b) cable, no special cable is needed

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