CSL Elite tuning options gone

After updating my wheel base firmware to a newer version most of my tuning settings cant be changed, all I can change through the wheel (and the control panel) is sensitivity, FFB and BrF. There should be many more options such as SHO DRI SPR DPR ect.... but they are all gone.

my versions are:

PC Driver: 443 (if I update to latest the wheel doesn't show up and it tells me to revert to 443)

Wheel Base: 691

Wheel Base Motor: 22


CSL Elite (non ps4 version)

CSL Elite loadcell pedal

F1 Esports wheel


  • You did not read the big pop-up during the update which would have told you that the base will start in a (not so new anymore) Standard Tuning Menu with limited settings and ranges and how to get back into the now called Advanced Tuning Menu with all the settings by pressing the Tuning Menu Button for 3 seconds while being in the Tuning Menu.

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