New Podium F1 (DD1) issues 1 month old

A quick request from amyone else with recent similar issues as this:

For the last week and a 1/2 I have had an issue with the wheelbase just Powering off in the middle of a session.

Windows 11

F1 or McLaren v2 wheel no different.

Practice, qualifiers and races it doesn't matter.

It happens in iracing and ACC.

All the drivers and firmware are up-to-date In fact recently tried the newest Beta version (448) and newest Fanalab with no success.

I have tried different wall outlets For the power supply. I tried running the wheelbase power supply off APU for my PC Which had no power spikes or events,So I know it's not power surges.

I have tried all the different USB inputs on the PC which had no USB conflicts or issues.

Tried every force feedback setting nothing solves thus issue.

The green light on the PSU stays lit the entire time after the wheelbase powers off.

There's been a lot of post about this very issue for years now You would think they would have figured this out by now.

I truly believe it is the power supply.

Fanatec has replaced some of these power supplies in the past with similar issues as mine and solved the problem for some users.

I assume it's time for me to start the RMA process☹️

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